Government Vacancies in Western Cape

Western Cape is the country’s fourth largest province and contrary to the name, it is situated at the most southern part of South Africa. It is a popular tourists’ destination because of the beautiful topography it bears and the artistic farm lands. It is also famous because of the beautiful cultured people who are welcoming to all guests.

The residents are very culture diverse, because of the trade that allowed people from different races to mingle. It has a population of about 6 million people and it home to the famous tourist destination Cape Town.

The Western Cape is home to the world s longest wine path, discovered along Route 62, a picturesque tourist path that sprints from Cape town to dock Elizabeth, 850 kilometres up the to the east coast. If you don t have time to complete the entire path, consider travelling to the wine-growing areas of Stellenbosch, Paarl, Wellington, Franschhoek, Ceres, Worcester, Bonnievale and Robertson.

The Garden path, from Cape village to Knysna, is gorgeous, transient through numerous a quirky village, entire with welcoming locals and fresh make stalls. Stop in at Swellendam, a village where the jailer one time increase two-fold as the postmaster, to experience Cape Dutch architecture at its best.

The province of Western Cape is rather quite organized. It has a website dedicated to government vacancies in Western Cape and anyone is free to apply.

To apply for the job position one is required to have completed the z83 form. The z83 form is an employment application form that the government makes it mandatory for anyone wishing to apply for a government post to fill in. The details are supposed to be true to the book.

The z83 is also supposed to be signed and dated before submission. You should also submit your curriculum vitae and it is supposed to be a maximum of 5 pages. You are also required to submit your qualifications (that is your credentials and academic certifications), a copy of your national identity card and the driver’s license that is if the ministry or municipality hiring indicates that it is mandatory.

However, attaching a cover letter to the application is optional, it is not mandatory but it is not harmful either to do so.

There are different categories of jobs and one who wants to work or the local government must be made fully aware of them. The classes vary according to academic level, experience and pay. The executive jobs which are definitely well paying require certain academic qualifications and the least level is normally the diploma. The other lower levels like cleaners level they do not necessarily ask for any qualifications.

To apply for government vacancies in Western Cape from their official site, one must first register. Upon registration the user is automatically subscribed to receive updates from the website on any job postings. There is a list of questions that the user is required to answer so that they can be eligible to apply.

There is also a salaries document that is advisable to peruse through to know what exactly you are signing up for. The application process is quite transparent. All the best as you search for government vacancies in Western Cape in South Africa.

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