Government Vacancies in Durban

Searching for government vacancies in Durban? Read more..Durban is the place to be when it comes to weather. If one is not a fan of winter, Durban is the best escape plan. Filled with beautiful people, perfect weather and the best events yet to be hosted, Durban is like magic city.

Local residents of South Africa love travelling to this city to unwind from their daily exhaustive routine especially during winter season. Otherwise known as eThekwini municipality is the largest city in the Kwa Zulu-Natal province and has a population of about 4 million people.

It is also known to be the busiest and the best managed port in the whole of the African continent. As mentioned earlier as a popular local tourism destination point, it is also a major tourist destination for the westerners looking for warm sub-tropical climate and extensive beaches.

The municipality has its own well updated website where interested tourists, investors and future employees can surf through to get more details on the city. The city is funded by the government of South Africa therefore it is expected to display an excellent form of management, which it has.

Durban has a city manager that runs the administration together with a group of an executive management team. The city is divided into 8 different administrative clusters. Each cluster is responsible for itself and it does its own budgeting and planning in accordance to the city’s budget.

Each cluster deals with its own area of speciality take an example of the human settlement and infrastructure, it responsible for ensuring that the residents of Durban, are equipped with good infrastructure and housing facilities.

The human settlement cluster is the arm of Durban municipality that investors of real estate should consult prior to putting up an apartment of any housing facilities, this cluster looks into the needs of its people so that they cannot be exploited by greedy investors.

The municipality is constantly hiring to fill in the major gap, where they require qualified candidates to be part of major projects that are geared to the development of the city. Most jobs are contractual in nature, but are well paying. The permanent jobs vacancies are rarely available because the current employees are not eager to move from their position.

The contracts are however skill specific. The potential candidates are expected to be graduates at least for most of them. They also require certain personal attributes, they are supposed to be charming, a team player, have certain leadership skills and many other characteristics. This is just because they are liely to work directly with eThekwini people, so they are supposed to win their confidence to get any information from them.

To apply for the government vacancies in Durban, one should visit the Durban municipality website and search for any that fits your criteria. You should download the job application form that is available in English or Tswazi.

No canvassing is allowed and if one is caught doing so they will automatically be disqualified for the position and security measures will be employed against them. After applying, the council has made it very clear if the application does not receive feedback from the municipal, it means they were unsuccessful.

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