Government Vacancies in Gauteng

Government Vacancies in Gauteng - Gauteng happens to be the smallest province in South Africa and the most urbanized of the country. Though small it happens to be where the most popular cities of South Africa are located and they are: Pretoria and Johannesburg.

People generally hear about these cities and very few know of the province. It is also home to the two of the highest courts in South Africa. It is also the most populated province in the county with about 12 million residents.

Gauteng contributes approximately 35% of South Africa’s economy and it is also home to about 70 foreign banks. Their main income generating activities include financial services, logistics and a bit of mining. There are also very many government offices in the country and it is home to world class education universities.

The fact that it is accommodating the largest city in South Africa and the capital of South Africa, generally means that there should be more government services offered in this province than any others. Services include: security, health care, education, municipality, roads management, finance and so on.

Due to the fact that no everyone can secure employment in the private sectors, some opt to work for the government. Some it is because of free will, others are just pushed into the industry. In South Africa some families believe strongly in working for the government in positions to do with education, nursing and national security.

For government vacancies in Gauteng that major in health care and national security, employment is rather easier to find because the government trains the individual to work for them. Its not common to find a police officer who, on completion of training with the government, seeks employment in private security companies.

That might only occur when they resign from the police commission or have been assigned special case duties such as personal security details for the President, his ministers and members of parliament.

Resigning is normally not a wise move, especially if one is not developed (developed in the sense of investments), because while under the care of the government even with the low pay and poor facilities one gets a chance to save a lot of money which can be used for future development.

Working as a police officer means that one is awarded with a housing facility where they necessarily do not pay rent and if they do it is such a small fraction as compared to the housing facilities in the external environment. Working for the government in Gauteng has its ups and downs, for instance, the government officials or workers in Gauteng can not by any chance receive the same remuneration with those in other rural provinces in South Africa.

They also receive better facilities than the others. This is an urban centre, which is a hub of foreign investment, the picture that the foreigners should see should match up to their expectations. IT is the same data they will take to their home countries.

The officials of Gauteng generally receive better treatment, higher pay, better facilities but getting a hold of these jobs is the hustle. It is the one place where corruption should be at its peak but the situation has been contained by the new heads of departments.

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